San Clemente, Kempinski, Venice

best bed: San Clemente Palace, Kempinski, Venice, Italy

San Clemente, Kempinski, VeniceVenice is a city I love but often hate to visit…the crowds are legendary; the heat can be unbearable. Sam Clemente Palace to the rescue. Located on its own private island, this ever so luxurious hotel is a haven from the hassle. There are acres of gardens, a huge pool and surprisingly large rooms. The island has been a sanctuary for generations…first settled in 1131. A Venetian merchant built a church & a hospice for  pilgrims and soldiers heading to the holy land. It was dedicated to Pope Clemente, the patron saint of seamen. There were ups and downs over the centuries, but monks called it home. In 1432, The Order of Charity was moved to the Island by Pope Eugene IV. Wealthy Venetians donated to restore and enlarge the church. The Doges ceremonial barge would greet distinguished guests here before proceeding to Saint Marks Square in splendor. For the next 350 years the monastic settlements were supported by the rich and influential. When the Venetian Republic fell to Napoleon in 1797, he expelled the religious orders, turning the strategically located island into a military garrison. In a sharp reversal of fortune, the facilities were turned into a mental asylum in 1844. Mussolini  sent his first wife here when he wanted to get rid of her. This shady business was finally abandoned in 1992. A hotel was opened a decade later. This historic landmark became part of the Kempinski Collection in 2016. Be sure to enjoy breakfast outside , see the current art exhibition and take advantage of the very knowledgeable ladies in red…they know everything!!

Number of Rooms:  196

Sweet Suite: The San Clemente Suite wows with views of Venice, the Lagoon and the courtyard through huge panoramic windows…it also comes with a kitchen and spacious living room…but seriously…the views!!!

Favorite Thing: The church within the church… A church has stood on the grounds since the 12th century. But when the plague hit Venice in 1630 the city vowed to build a chapel if the locals were spared. Enough survived; a stunning enclosed chapel was built with in the old church where the main alter used to be in 1648. Unique and intriguing, services and wedding are regularly held here.

Near By: The big islands of Venice, Murano etc…there is a free shuttle to very near St Marks. The island of St Clemente has trails, beautiful gardens and resort hotel facilities.

Amenities: Acquerello Restaurant, Insieme Restaurant, Buddha Bar, Beach Restaurant, pool, tennis courts, fitness room, spa, ladies-in-red, golf course, sauna, hammam, kids club, jogging path, island tours, cooking classes, pool cabanas, shuttle


****This is a Virtuoso Property. Book with me for VIP status and special amenities****


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