my citiestalking post on vienna

Like Cinderella, I am dying to go to the ball. I love dressing up. I have some great rhinestones and even took ballroom dance lessons (surprisingly good exercise!). But, lucky for me, I don’t have to wait for my fairy godmother to procure an invitation from the palace. I just need to head to Vienna (never a hardship, the city is stunning, the food fantastic and the people friendly).


Vienna hosts over 450 balls every year and they are part of a long tradition. Way back in the day, when Marie Teresa was Empress, regular people celebrated the period before Lent by donning masks and, safe in their anonymity, roamed the streets mocking the nobility. This made the Empress a little cranky so she ordered that all festivities had to take place indoors.  The nobles were happier and began hosting elaborate exclusive balls. Continue reading