the fabulous fantastic frose

me, enjoying the high life!September in Greece. The crowds are gone… the perfect time to discover paradise. Even better is exploring from the water. Totally spoiled, sailing around, nothing to do but admire, read magazines and figure out which side of the body needs tanning. How to thank my host?

My gift, a recipe. For my new favourite cocktail. The Instagram darling and increasingly popular Frose. Continue reading

more from rasha

What follows are the last of Rasha’s notes which she sent to me when she got home to London.  Just so you know who’s who, her family consists of  husband Hassan and kids Danna (I think she’s 21 now), Omar (19, same as age as Hunter) and Yarra (17, same age as Jack). This post is a bit long but I felt if I edited it down it would loose it’s poignancy … I hope you find this as moving as I did.


great use of tent and sunshine

‘Thursday morning around 9:15 am we arrived at Camp Moria processing centre to find the lines already long and densely packed.  This is the main refugee camp on the island and the only one offering registration that allows legal onward travel. Continue reading

christmas thoughts

I was busy writing a Christmas blog post about what an amazing adventure we are having in South America when I received an email from Rasha Mansouri. Rasha was the first person I met when we moved to London in 1999. We had kids in the same grades; she helped me negotiate the system; organized swimming lessons; fed us and told me where to find what I needed. We became and remain dear friends. She taught me everything I needed to survive London. Today she taught me so much more.


syrian refugees waiting to get registered

Rasha, her divine hubby and three fab kids traditionally spend their winter breaks skiing in Colorado. This year they are on the beach in Greece. Not perfecting their tans but helping the refugees arriving from the Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Her email surprised and moved me. She has given me permission to share it. Funny that it has taken a Muslim friend to teach this somewhat lapsed Christian the true meaning of Christmas. I plan to be kind today. I hope you enjoy her notes as much as I did. Continue reading