my favourite things: BOGOTA

welcome to bogotaold town churchBOGOTA is where I want to die. Colombia is my new favourite country and Bogota is its capital. This city has it all. Fascinating history, over the top culture, bad traffic and lots of edge. Great food is endless: restaurants creating haute cuisine, cafes pouring hot wine (odd but true) and stalls serving delicious empanadas. People are friendly; the weather is perfect; women are stunning. It a great hub for exploring the rest of the country. I felt safe everywhere; have never even been offered a single drug. I can’t wait to get back. Continue reading

in the pink

pink dolphin photo from the padi websiteOnce upon a time, an oh so very young Jack would spend hours creating imaginary animals. A dark blue creature with the head of a lion, wings of an eagle, feet of an elephant. You get the picture. When we heard that fabled pink dolphins swim the Amazon it seemed so Jack. We had to see for ourselves. I tried to manage his expectations… there is a reason things are referred to a mythical. We hopped on a little boat and headed to Peru. Continue reading

jack of the jungle

“You never took us to Disney land” my kids complain whenever we fight. What a bad mother I have been. “But you got to swing, Tarzan style, on a vine in a real jungle” I can now snap back, at least at Jack. I thought I’d been to the jungle before. But, once I got to the Amazon I knew everything before this was just jungle lite. I had never seen anything as dense, tangled and creature filled. Jack and I spent many wonderful hours hiking, wading and slipping through the rainforest, carefully following our machete-wielding guide. Continue reading