paso los libertadores

IMG_0846We left Mendoza at a civilized 10 am for our 421 k drive. According to Google maps it should take about 5 ½ hours. I called Bart, our airbnb host in Valparaiso and told him we’d be arriving around 4. After all there are not many things to stop and see along the way. He wished me luck but did not seem very hopeful.

No one ever does it that fast… and not because of rockslides, which are frequent, or bad roads, the highway is in great shape. No! The problem is the border. Continue reading

along the inca trail

IMG_0593 trans america highwayYou miss a couple flights and suddenly your family doesn’t want to fly with you. So instead, we drove from Mendoza to Valparaiso. 9 hours along the Pan American highway. Luckily it is one of the most beautiful stretches of road I have ever encountered. Continue reading

iguazu falls

into the fallsEvery guide and every book says you must visit the falls. They also say it as overpriced a touristy destination as you will find. This time they were right. Iguazu falls are beyond touristy, horrible value for your money and totally worth the trip. It truly is a wow! 275ish waterfalls stretched over 2.7 kilometers. During the rainy season, November to March, 13000 cubic metres of water flow over the edge each second. The roar is truly impressive. Continue reading