the fabulous fantastic frose

me, enjoying the high life!September in Greece. The crowds are gone… the perfect time to discover paradise. Even better is exploring from the water. Totally spoiled, sailing around, nothing to do but admire, read magazines and figure out which side of the body needs tanning. How to thank my host?

My gift, a recipe. For my new favourite cocktail. The Instagram darling and increasingly popular Frose. Continue reading

my favourite things: LYON

lions of lyonIt is every blogger’s joy to get enthusiastic feedback and I am no different.   Whether this feedback is posted in the Reply section or, as is more often the case, shared in conversation and accompanied by a glass of excellent wine, I always happy to expound.  

 “I’d love to go there!” is the usual opening, followed by a litany of requests. These questions are always welcomed and often amusing:  Favorite table? Preferred hotel? Optimal bar-stool? Secret shoe store? Recommended masseur? And so forth.  Fortunately, I have many opinions and have never been shy to share them.  Continue reading

positively perfect pied a terre

the amazing food at pied a terreI love going to restaurants. I eat out an awful lot. Over the years I have become friends with many restaurateurs. Oddly, I have hesitated to write about them. I wondered if I could be objective. However, I met them initially because I loved their restaurants. I ate (and still eat) at these places… often. I admired, we chatted. I returned and returned and eventually we became friends. They deserve to have their praises sung. Not because I like them, but because these men and women are talented, skilled and amazing. Continue reading