aloette: diner heaven

the counter at aloetteA jersey girl knows her diners. I spent a lot of late late nights (aka early, early mornings) sitting on a stool eating fried eggs, drinking milk shakes and sobering up.They were all over the state. Diners have their roots in horse drawn lunch wagons and were particularly popular in the northeastern US. The iconic shape that defines diners to me, dates from the 20’s. A long counter, kitchen in the back, a couple booths and fixed spinning stools.

charred chorizoPre-fabricated, they were long and narrow for easy transport by truck or train. They were also an inexpensive way to start a business. A quintessential symbol of America they were often family run, owned by immigrants and open 24 hours. They are the hangout of after school teenagers, shift workers looking for a meal at odd hours and people who aren’t quite ready for the night to end. Continue reading

‘come quickly, i am drinking the stars’ – dom perignon

Champagne is one of life’s elegant extras. Sadly, not an original thought. Charles Dickens said it first. But I could not agree more. Champagne is a cure for sadness and an amplifier of happiness. And of course, opening a bottle is wonderfully dramatic. Especially when you saber off the top!

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oh canada

a hoodoo, in dinosaur park Another drive between Vancouver and Toronto. My third. It surprises me how much I enjoy these trips. In the car for hours on end, nothing to do but sing at the top of my lungs, horribly off key, listen to podcasts and thinking. It is a wonderful break. And I learn a few things: Continue reading