jack in japan

jack on top of the world, or at least a roller coasterNo matter how often we are forewarned, our children grow up quicker than we ever thought possible. Somehow, my baby Jack has managed to turn 18, graduate from high school and convince me of the wisdom of a gap year. I was skeptical at first; he didn’t have much of a plan. But he seems to have pulled it together. I asked if he’d do some guest blogging for me. Much to my surprise, he agreed… enthusiastically.

His first notes are from Japan. He had gone with me when he was six, this time he was traveling on his own. It was quite a different experience. Continue reading

paradise found: noanoa island

The question is: when you find the perfect place, do you share that info?our balconyWell, I have found the ideal spot. And, after much deliberation, have decided to reveal this paradise. It is a little island called NoaNoa. Continue reading

the philippines

jack by our pool at sunsetJack and I have been in the Philippines a little over 4 days and so far we have learned a couple things. It’s hot here!  Very hot! And humid (my hair is huge). It’s shockingly beautiful (except Manila). Jack is a natural surfer. I am not!  And all the signs are in English.

casket shopReally… every sign is in English.  Even for things that have to be just for locals, like casket shops. Of which there seem to be many!

I have had Filipinas helping me since Hunter was born.  I could not have survived without them. I am ashamed to discover how little I know about the country these wonderful people came from.

It has an interesting history.  When Magellan came here in 1521 he claimed all the islands for Spain (though he had no idea there were over 7000). And then he got busy converting the locals to Catholicism. He proved surprisingly successful, managing to sway a large number of tribal chieftains.  But not all. Chief Lapu-Lapu was having none of it, and killed Magellan in a battle on Cebu Island. Continue reading