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salad and salmon burgerTraveling with John is always fun, always an adventure; always full of excess. I just spent 4 days in three countries eating way too many stars; sampling way too many bottles. I couldn’t help wonder if the fates were intervening when I got to London and was invited to a detox lunch. With less than 36 hours I really wanted to say no. But occasionally reason prevails, off I went.
It was more than just a healthy meal. It was one of the happenings in Red Magazine’s Smart Women Week. This 5 day affair is devoted to inspiring women with lectures, workshops and events devoted to entrepreneurship, learning and fitness. My lunch included an opportunity to listen to and chat with Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson. I was lucky enough to sit beside her and have a personal chat before she spoke to our group.
Her 4 year old business has taken London by storm. She was a traditional caterer until a friend who had just given birth asked Lily is she could prepare a few meals that would help the new mother eat well and get back to her old pre baby self quickly yet nutritionally. And not have to cook. She could, she did and a business was born. Her fans include Elle MacPherson and Gwyneth Paltrow.
When asked about the secret to her success she replied hard hard work. She would not be a celebrity favorite with out painstaking attention to detail in her product. She creates all the recipes herself and is obsessed to ensure her ingredients are the very best quality from ethical and sustainable sources.
one of the famous juicesMy lunch of chopped green vegetable salad, salmon burger and beetroot based juice was incredibly delicious, shockingly filling and helped to clear my head from too much wine the night before. A very pregnant Lily, she’s due in a couple weeks, admits to not being the health freak people might expect. What she really believes in is eating tempting appealing foods prepared without preservatives and processing. Yet she is no fanatic and confesses to indulging (occasionally) in a KitKat or Walker’s salt and vinegar chip.
I head off for Corfu then Paris tomorrow. Wish I could gorge on her food when I get home!
Sadly it’s only available in London. I’ll have to settle for her cookbook.
If you are lucky enough to be in London, In addition to home delivery, Detox Kitchen treats can be picked up in Selfridges, Another Space or from her 2 stand alone delis. Three more delis should be open by next June.


  1. Nice, I will definitely try it out next time I’m in London. Enjoy Paris and Corfu!
    Cant wait to hear about those adventures!

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