can you say party

fullsizeoutput_8e58Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words. There is just no way I can describe the chaos and color, foam and flour, drinking and dancing, crowds and celebrating that make up the Barranquilla Carnival. Hence the montage!

Billed as the second largest in the world after Rio, for over 125 years this rather ordinary town has gone completley crazy before Ash Wednesday. Jack and I had the great fortune of experiencing the mayhem.

The four days are steeped in folklore and tradition. UNESCO declared it one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity events in 2003. Some performances seemed shockingly racist to Jack and me but we were told they were honoring the many people brought to Colombia as slaves. We weren’t knowledgeable enough to understand all the nuances but had no problem participating in all the fun!

We plan to go back again next year, only this time with a group of friends. Wanna come?