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blub's salvator dali You’ve done the Uffizi, admired the Academia and climbed to the top of the bell tower for the views. All very worthwhile, but maybe, just maybe, not so fun.

blub's vermeerSo, now is the time to indulge in a treasure hunt of sorts! The artist known only as Blub has been putting scuba masks on his/her copies of iconic images and installing them all over Florence. Favorites include Amy Winehouse, Michelangelo’s David and Leonardo’s self-portrait.

For over three years, these underwater images have been taking the Florence street art scene by storm.  Yet somehow, the artist behind them has miraculously managed to keep her/his identity completely secret.

blub's mona lisaThe project called  “Art Knows How to Swim” has inspired both amusement and intrigue. In a possibly real but equally likely to be fictional interview the artist says, “It seems like we are all underwater it is time to learn how to swim. Renaissance art in Florence is still strong and hides today’s art that is alive and contemporary.”

Hunting out these pictures is a great way to see Florence through a different artistic prism, explore some new areas and get your exercise!

Check out the instagram account @lartesanuotare to see the most recent installations and then try and find them your self!

blub street artOriginal works by blub are available from the Cappelleschi Gallery in the Belgian resort of Knokke.


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