travel in the time of covid

travel in the time of covid

travel in the time of covidA month on the road. Was it worth it? Would I go again? What was it like? Here’s what I learned.

genevaThree weeks in Switzerland wasn’t enough. The country has so much to offer. The French German and Italian parts are all quite different;  the people are wonderful everywhere.

You don’t need to go inside to see things. Towns are so picturesque and historic that walking around is like being in a museum.

Different Cantons have different rules about masks etc.. I was more comfortable where masks were more required. The odd cab driver who was not wearing a mask put one on happily when I asked them to. On public transportation everyone wore a mask always. The trains are spotless. High touch points were wiped down regularly. 

Not all restaurant servers wore masks. This bothered me. I ate outside whenever I could. When I ate inside the tables were very far apart. Some hotels had breakfast buffets. Didn’t like this either.

lausanneThe French part of Switzerland wore the most masks.

The Italians were hit hard early and really don’t want to go backwards. I saw way more masks in Italy. They are required everywhere indoors and compliance was high.

I felt frumpy in Geneva and Milan. Women are so beautifully dressed. Shopping in Milan is still amazing.

Masks are the new accessories. When not covering the mouth & nose people dangle them from an ear, tuck them under the chin or wear them around the upper arm or wrist. You can buy them everywhere. Some match masks to their outfit. I loved this look.

bernGetting to Venice when it was relatively empty was a dream come true. I’ve been many times but never like this. It really is a magic place.

The Any Tour app was my favorite guide. Great self-guided audio tours packed with info you can download and use whenever.

I never thought I’d write so much about masks.

milanI’ve just finished my 2 weeks of quarantine after returning. It’s the law in Canada. Anyone entering the country must quarantine. There are a few exceptions but not many. As you go through customs they ask you where you plan to quarantine, how you will get food and give you a sheet of rules. Basically you  can’t leave your home and you can’t see anyone. Even outside, 2 meters apart, both wearing masks. They may call, drop by or email to check up on you. I got two emails. I know many people who’ve had calls. Drop by’s may be urban myth. I quite enjoyed the quiet!

I am a travel addict. For me the trip was beyond worth it!! I hope to go again soon!travel in the time of covid



    1. I found the long flights felt much safer than the short ones mostly because they were less crowded. The worst part is getting off the plane. Everyone still stands up all at once and crowds to get stuff from overhead bins. I think it is best to just be patient; sit and wait til the plane empties out.

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