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I have always wanted to go places: discovering food, people, natural and created things. I have traveled to more than 100 countries. For years I dragged my family with me as I sought adventure. Now, often as naught,I go by myself. Staying put is a challenge. I have lived in Canada, the UK, China, France and the USA. I have always written: letters, articles, and diaries. I started blogging when I moved to Beijing, to keep track and keep in touch. Though I’ve left China, I am still exploring, still discovering and still writing. Follow me in uncovering what is through the doorway, on the menu and past the customs official.

at the forbidden city


  1. Yes, lived in China 1998-2002 during a time when it was still in a phase where lots of traditions remained. Been back a couple of times since and sad to see how it has changed so much that the original character has gone beyond recognition. Great work in sharing. I am inspired to now dig in our archives to do the same!

      1. Oh yes. Never ceases to amaze at how fast things change. I literally saw Xintiandi in Shanghai sprung from the demolition of a large section of old 2-storey old style builds (probably homes as well) over a period of 2 years from my apartment window. Its unfortunate that quite some character of the city was lost…

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  3. Julie, just read your walk through the village that was demolished. I’m sure you know that Tyler Payne made a documentary about that very thing. Be sure to look that up and link it to your “blog”. It is a brilliant documentary for a junior in high school to make–and who would be more unbiased than his grandfather.

  4. Julie, I love reading about your adventures. Not only do I get to learn about traditions and cultures in a fun and interesting way, but I get connected to you and your family, making it feel as though you are not that far away from us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful writing.

  5. This is the best blog I’ve ever been on! Charming, informative and entertaining!! I will continue to follow your adventures with such enthusiasm! Stay SAFE!!

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