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bedu discovery camp, wadi rumEvery would-be traveler begins with three questions:  Where to go? Where to stay? And, what to do?  The first and last queries are quite easy to answer.  The merit of a destination is measured by its cultural dynamism and a traveler’s itinerary is a function of curiosity and stamina.  Lodging, however, is not so easily addressed.  Pillow selection, after all, is highly idiosyncratic.

one of the 9 unique bedrooms at Beit Trad, LebanonToday almost every location offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional accommodation, from global luxury brands to boutique inns to stylish budget hotels and Airbnb-type private bedrooms.   I have stayed in every type of accommodation imaginable; my preferences change from one place to the next, from one month to another.

Best Beds, provides a brief profile of wonderful hotels, camps, bedrooms and boats that I have stayed in.  Many are places that could standalone as worthwhile destinations; places that bring peace to the weary and joy to the jaded.  All are places I have loved for one reason or another.

I continue to correspond with most of my hosts, a surprising number of whom I now consider friends and cannot wait until our paths cross again.   I share my reminiscences in the hope that you will enjoy what I enjoyed.  I will happily introduce you – my friends, clients and blog-readers – to these wonderful hosts. Or you can click on the link to their websites to book on your own.

boat shaped beach chairs at the dead sea hiltonThey are not necessarily  super luxurious nor expensive, though some most definitely are. What they do all share is a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them special for me. The ranking for the hotels ($$$$, $$$, $$, $) are based on their location. Thus, a mid-range hotel in London may be much costlier than an expensive hotel in the Canadian Prairies.

Could I ask in return for you to share your experience in a quick email or posting on my site – a digital postcard (doesn’t that sound more romantic?) to share amongst our collective.

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