Panarea from the water

why i love panarea

Panarea saved me. My son Hunter had just had open heart and lung surgery. The prognosis was good but there were no assurances he would survive. Corrado said come to Panarea; stay with us. We hopped on a plane to…

dinner at Aqua Pazza. Ponza

put ponza on your list

 Small, inconspicuous Ponza; my perfect island escape  Ok, so not exactly undiscovered. Romans have been coming here for centuries.  But it is way less crowded than nearby Capri and Ischia. And way cheaper. The shopping is not as posh; the…

venice by benjamin dickerhof

my favourite things: VENICE

Ah VENICE! Beyond crowded in summer, damp and foggy in winter, yet somehow always totally enchanting. A city packed with art, history, culture and the most incredible amount of tourist tat. Truman Capote said “Venice is like eating an entire…

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