beirut baby!

“Hi, kifak, ca va?” One phrase says it all. English, Arabic and French. Hi! How are you? Fine!…. the quintessential Beirut expression. The perfect symbol of this multi-cultural city. The Paris of the Middle East has had some pretty major…

feeling glam atop the albergo in beirut

my favourite things: BEIRUT

Crazy, wild wonderful Beirut. This glamorous city has it all. Dance all night, smoke shisha with someones grandmother; shop in the chic-est of boutiques. Current and ancient history collide on every corner, sculptures of modern poets and politicians vie for…

detail of the large temple at abu simbel

getting lucky with the pharaoh

There are moments in life when you just get lucky. The universe offers an unexpected wonderful gift. Today was one such day for me. By some unlikely stroke of good fortune, Jack and I had Abu Simbel to ourselves for…

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