the mighty mojito

me, some mint and the bartenderAh the mighty mojito! Cuban Viagra! Or so they say. Classic or frapped it only takes a couple to keep the salsa going all night. Innuendo intended?

Every restaurant in Havana serves them and every bar claims theirs are the best. The Mojito is Cuba’s national cocktail; legends of its origins abound.  The most romantic tale has it that a special concoction was prepared for Sir Francis Drake when he fell ill off the coast. The reported mix of rum, lime and sugar provided by the indigenous people cured him to keep on plundering. Continue reading

oh canada

a hoodoo, in dinosaur park Another drive between Vancouver and Toronto. My third. It surprises me how much I enjoy these trips. In the car for hours on end, nothing to do but sing at the top of my lungs, horribly off key, listen to podcasts and thinking. It is a wonderful break. And I learn a few things: Continue reading

total eclipse of the sun

totalityWhen your friend, who you swear was James Bond in an earlier life and his equally fabulous wife and daughter invite you to hop on their plane and go see the eclipse it is pretty hard to say no. So, I didn’t. Continue reading