Munich: 6 things to do

Ah Munich…   the home of monks (they founded the city). Where Oktoberfest began, (as an out-of-control wedding party) , Jimmy Henricks smashed his first guitar and beer  is a breakfast drink. Where Einstein worked as a beer hall electrician, BBW…

a welcome treat from Orania.Berlin

best bed: Orania.Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Nestled in the heart of Berlin’s hip and trendy neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Orania.Berlin is the perfect luxury-with-an-edge boutique Hotel. It is one of those rare places you cannot believe you have found and never want to leave. The building dates…

lights show where the wall once divided berlin

when the wall came tumbling down

I am in Berlin to party!  Not in night clubs but in the streets… 30 years ago the wall came tumbling down. “This November 9 is a historic day” announced anchorman Hanns Joachim Friedrich. “The GDR has announced that, starting…