wowed by the woman, wowed by her art

under the signs of duality (twins from a first marriage, second wife, baby from second marriage, second home) I met the ultimate cool girl. Isabel Miquel Arques. You know the type. Has no idea she’s the most desirable woman in the room. And not because she’s the most beautiful, but because she is the most interested. In everyone else and in everything. Of course, she has a great story and great style. Not surprisingly, she an artist. Continue reading

iphotography and MOMtography

leslie white shooting, an example of the rule of thirdsThe following is an article I just had published on a new emagazine called MOMtography which focuses on helping manage all the photos mothers take (  I was thrilled to be including in this project! Hope you enjoy it.

“Leslie White, overworked, MBA, marketing executive, needed a break from the corporate grind. So she took a photography course. That was 25 years ago. Then she had kids, two girls, and started taking pictures. Lots of them!

 Every once in a while, Leslie took another course. Most recently one about how to better use your iPhone camera. I asked Leslie to share what she learned. Continue reading