The Burgenstock Hotel

best bed: The Burgenstock Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland

The Burgenstock Hotel is not just a place to sleep it is an experience like no other. From the second you get on the boat you can sense the magic that awaits. Ok, you can also drive, but trust me…

The London Edition

best bed: The London Edition, London, UK

Historic, old world with decadent details and  a modern twist…The London Edition is a whole new way to hotel. Ian Schreger,  of Studio 54 fame had an idea. “The design is anti-design. It’s an effort to make people feel good…

The Goring Hotel

best bed: The Goring, London, UK

Traditional English glam with a huge dose of humour, The Goring is a surprise and a gem. I knew it was going to be nice. Kate Middleton and her family were based here in the lead up to her wedding…

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