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me, enjoying the high life!September in Greece. The crowds are gone… the perfect time to discover paradise. Even better is exploring from the water. Totally spoiled, sailing around, nothing to do but admire, read magazines and figure out which side of the body needs tanning. How to thank my host?

My gift, a recipe. For my new favourite cocktail. The Instagram darling and increasingly popular Frose.

first samplesFrozen drinks have been around a v very long time. the King of Mesopotamia was a fan. As was Catherine de Medici, who traveled with her personal sorbet maker (a man not a machine) on a trip to England. In Asia, syrups have been served over shaved ice since the 7th century. After WWII, time saving devices became the rage in America. Soon blenders were everywhere; it wasn’t long before the frozen strawberry daiquiri was being made in middle class homes across the country.

the simple beauties of greecePink, pretty and harking back to the slushes of one’s youth, it is not surprise that the Frose has taken cocktail lists by storm. Bar Primi in New York is credited with its invention. General manager, Justin Sievers was looking for a new summer afternoon drink and tried putting rose in the slushy machine. The rest, as they say, is history. The internet if full of recipes and variations.

My favourite is the frozen rose drink served at d-bar’s outdoor patio at the Four Seasons in Toronto. Drew Walker, the sommelier, is a friend. Could he give me their recipe?

10 minutes later it was in my inbox. Delicious and refreshing with a little kick! The perfect hot weather libation. And as it turns out the perfect host gift. Enjoy!

Here is what Drew sent me:

frose with a viewWe used a slushie machine to make ours at the hotel, but you can just partially freeze the components and bring it to life in a blender, by adding a little sparkling water (somehow ties it all together and gives it a nice texture)…

*(2 parts) Lavender-strawberry syrup
 (6 parts) Cotes de Provence Rose
 (1 part) Gin
^(1 part) Lemon juice

**Lavender-strawberry syrup**
– soak lavender stalks in warm-hot water for 8-10 minutes
– make simple syrup 1-1 ratio sugar to water
fold in lavender water to simple syrup and add a little amount of strawberry syrup. (store bought)

^^For best results add the fresh lemon juice just before serving, and stir… Gives it a real POP.


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