the mighty mojito

me, some mint and the bartenderAh the mighty mojito! Cuban Viagra! Or so they say. Classic or frapped it only takes a couple to keep the salsa going all night. Innuendo intended?

Every restaurant in Havana serves them and every bar claims theirs are the best. The Mojito is Cuba’s national cocktail; legends of its origins abound.  The most romantic tale has it that a special concoction was prepared for Sir Francis Drake when he fell ill off the coast. The reported mix of rum, lime and sugar provided by the indigenous people cured him to keep on plundering. Continue reading

the fabulous fantastic frose

me, enjoying the high life!September in Greece. The crowds are gone… the perfect time to discover paradise. Even better is exploring from the water. Totally spoiled, sailing around, nothing to do but admire, read magazines and figure out which side of the body needs tanning. How to thank my host?

My gift, a recipe. For my new favourite cocktail. The Instagram darling and increasingly popular Frose. Continue reading

good-bye margaritas

IMG_0144Move over margaritas, I have a new favorite cocktail! The mighty Pisco Sour. Tart, sweet, strong and awfully yummy. Invented by American Victor Vaughen Morris at his Morris’s Bar in Lima, Peru around 1920. We found them served everywhere.

The Spanish did not travel light when they came to South America. Along with cows they brought grape vines; starting to make wine and spirits almost immediately. Rather than import expensive brandy from Spain, they developed their own, calling it Pisco. And they kept on making it. In 2013 Peru produced 7.2 million liters, while Chile made a whopping 100 million liters. Continue reading