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5 must have free travel apps


citiestalking app Who carries guide books anymore? Seems everything you need can be found on your phone. Everyone has their favorite go-to apps. Here are 5 of mine. What are yours?

rome 2 rioRome to Rio

rome to rioThis is the app that tells you how to get from anywhere to somewhere. Enter where your starting and where you want to go. Within seconds the app lets you know all the different ways to get from A to B and the approximate cost. Modes of transport include planes, trains, taxis, rental cars, walking and bikeshares. I use it when I’m planning a trip, when I’m on a trip to figure how or where to go next or when I’m just curious and wasting time. They added a booking service in 2016. I’ve yet to use it.


cities talkingCitiesTalking

Expertly curated self-guided walking tours that inform and amuse. They never take themselves too seriously yet give you the full scoop; all the info you want when you want it. So easy to use! Download the app before your leave. Download the tours when you have wifi. Listen when you are out and about. When you get within 50 metres of a point of interest the app will start talking to you. You can go at your own pace, rewind or pause when you want and can even sync a group together. The app includes discover sections that list things around you like restaurants, shops and museums. It truly is amazing! And good for your health! Each tour is about 15000 steps if you complete the whole thing!



This app doesn’t actually do much. It’s just a list of all the countries in the world and all the states in the US. You tick off where you’ve been, it keeps track and tells you what percent of the world or region you’ve been to.  It allows you to share your results on social media or send it to others. When you click on a state or country it takes you to the corresponding Wikipedia entry. That’s it. Still, I get a kick out of adding each new country. Though I’ve been to 100 countries I’m amazed how many more there are to visit.



Like a guide book on steroids, this site is a bit of everything.… I often download a destination before I go then use it for tips, history and  things to do. They include conventional listings of hotels, tours and restaurants (often you can book right from the app). And less conventional details like the weather, the exchange rate and phrasebooks. Wikipedia and Wikitravel serve as the main sources of information and there is not a lot of curation. But it sure beats lugging around heavy books.


seat guruseat guruSeat Guru

Getting the right seat on an airplane can make all the difference. Seat Guru can help. You enter the airline and type of plane or flight number and they rank the seats. Green is a good seat, yellow equals an issue and red is bad! They also tell you why. More or less leg room. Near the loo. Seat doesn’t recline. They have maps of more than 1000 airplanes and 95 different airlines. The app has airline information too, including the make up their fleet and their individual regulations regarding check in, baggage allowances, pet policy, etc.



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