cashmere goats (photo from mongolia travel guide)

why cashmere when you travel….

I am the queen of carry on. I never check luggage. I easily go 6 weeks with just a rollaboard and a bag. I’m pretty demanding of my travel companions too… NO CHECKED LUGGAGE! So sometimes they need my advice……

5 of my favourites

5 must have free travel apps

  Who carries guide books anymore? Seems everything you need can be found on your phone. Everyone has their favorite go-to apps. Here are 5 of mine. What are yours? Rome to Rio This is the app that tells you…

the stunning staircase of an aiirbnb we stayed in belgrade

how to nail a great airbnb

Airbnb… the best or the worst?  Personally, I love them! A great way to have a different experience, save some money and feel like a local. But there are horror stories. Filthy bathrooms, bad location, or places that don’t even…

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