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Should you travel now? Maybe not. But I have one great tip if you decide to get up and go.

Many governments are actively discouraging their citizens and residents from going anywhere. Still many people are desperate to go somewhere!

But the rules keep changing.

Canada has had a 14 day quarantine for most people entering the country since last March. They have just introduced mandatory negative Covid tests 72 hours before departure on all incoming international flights. Soon you will need another test upon arrival (already a requirement at Pearson International) and a 3 day quarantine in a government hotel at your own expense as you wait for the test results. They are estimating a $2000 cost. 

The UK has a red list of 33 countries. Starting February 15, arrivals from these places need to quarantine for 10 days in a government hotel. Everyone else still requires a negative Covid test (taken up to 3 days before departure) and 10 days of quarantine. Though some people can test out after 5 days….

the CIBT travel rule finderConfused yet! And these are only two countries. 

Luckily there is HELP for managing these ever changing rules. CIBT’s website has a list of pretty much every rule for pretty much every country. And they update it all the time. It is a life saver. 

Latest news on COVID-19 related travel and immigration disruption is available on their blog here:

You can also find it on my website: . Scroll to the bottom of any page.

I cannot advise you on whether or not to travel . But I can advise you to use this tool if you do!!

(Full disclosure… I am recommending this because I love it. These links are totally free. However if you click on my link to use CIBT to help you with a visa you will get a discounted price from their public rates and I will get a commission)



  1. These are some great travel tips that I will pass on to my clients! Great article! Would you like to be a guest on my blog. Let me know.

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  3. Thanks for the access to this helpful tool….looking forward to travelling when things open up!

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