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TIP: Wanderlist… Keeping Track of your Travel Dreams

my wanderlist for kenya I am busy planning a trip to Kenya…. In May…. 2021!

Am I crazy? Will I go?  In May… who knows? Eventually… I sure hope so.

I’ve been dreaming about Kenya for a long time. And gathering information, tips from friends and links to things I want to do. But keeping track of all these ideas…UGH!

my wanderlist for kenyaEnter WANDERLIST. I love this!!! It’s a wonderful new way to organize and inspire your dreams. A library of existing ideas. A place to add and store your findings of your own. And a great way to collaborate with your family and friends.

The platform was created by Virtuoso. Most of the inspiration already on the platform is from Virtuoso partners. So you know its good. Membership in Virtuoso is by invitation only. All properties and partners are rigorously screened.  You can rely on them to deliver what they promise. But these are only the starting point. You can add whatever you want to your library.

WanderlistIt’s easy. It’s fun! It’s free. Really! Nothing to buy. And no obligation to book with me. Though of course I hope you will because making travel dreams come true is what I do. Give it a try! Just click on this link below to get started:


This past year has taught me nothing is certain, especially when it comes to travel. But no one can take your dreams away!

Here’s a video to show you just how easy it is…


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