sleeping around.... at La Reserve, Paris

I Sleep Around so You Don’t Have To

slipping around... at The Carlton Towers, Jumeirah, LondonLet’s face it, who to sleep with is easy. Where to sleep is the challenge.

BestBeds.Reviews to the rescue.

My new website. A collection of places to spend the night. They have been meticulously curated. I have stayed in each and every one. I have slept in the bed, eaten the breakfast and visited the pool, spa or ice machine. I have chatted with the who’s who in charge. These are the places I recommend…you don’t need to know about the others.

in the tub at Gorilla's Nest, RwandaI started Best Beds to give travelers a trusted site for recommended  hotels, camps, ships and Airbnb’s. A go to place for inspiration. No one can pay me to be listed here.  I am not a critic; I only share where you will enjoy sleeping.

Check it out. Let me know what you think. And sign up for my quarterly newsletter full of sleep around gossip & news. Click here!

the business side of life, just in case you need help booking

A huge thank you to Michael Johnston who designed the BestBeds website. He is amazing and can be reached at 

And a giant thank you to Jack Vogel who stayed up way too many nights entering data, unloading photos, proof reading and making sure things are up to my high standards.

Of course, I am always here to help you book and get some of the amazing perks that come with my memberships in exclusive invitation-only networks. That’s my day job!


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