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A History of the World in 100 Objects PodcastI seem to spend a lot of my time alone. I travel alone most of the time. When I’m home I spend hours walking the dog and puddling in my garden. I love my friends and family. But I have always needed solo time. I spend much of this time listening.

When I moved to Paris in 1985, I explored the city with my Walkman, extra batteries and a purse filled with cassettes. Remember those? Now, I always have my air pods in my pocket beside my phone. I still listen to music, but what really captures my attention are podcasts. Here’s a list of my favorites. I’d love to hear what you are listening to…Please let me know!

The History Chicks PodcastThe History Chicks. Two women discussing women in history. Some you’ve heard of some are a new discovery. Few are ‘stars’. All are interesting. I’ve been listening so long I feel I know Becket and Susan, the presenters. They are never preachy. I always learn something.

The Global News by the BBC. My daily dose of the news from around the world. About half an hour. Makes me feel informed. Published twice a day (I rarely listen to both).

You Must Remember This. Gossip from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Though it seems to be creeping into more modern times. The last series focused on the ‘80’s which I knew all too well. Nonetheless, super fun and very well researched.

The Retrospectors PodcastThe Retrospectors, Today in History. 10 minutes of something that happened at some point in history on today’s date. The variety is fascinating, the presenters seem to be having so much fun. I’ve learned about the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, The Austrians dropping balloons bombs on Venice and the story behind Stockholm Syndrome among so many other tidbits!

The Week Unwrapped. Under reported stories in the news that the panel thinks will have repercussions. 3 stories each week discussed by a changing series of journalists. Very thought provoking yet still entertaining.

The Week Unwrapped PodcastMore or Less: Behind the Statistics. Kind of nerdy but wonderful and short. They explore the  story behind the stats we all hear bandied about. More often than not they are completely debunked!

The Bowery Boys. The history of New York City, places and people. A must for anyone who has lived in NYC or just loves it.

A History of the World in 100 Objects. All the objects are from the British Museum surprising the listener with how they fit into history. I loved how a silver tea set was a result of the slave, rum and sugar trade. When I’m in London , I pop into the Museum and find one or two of the objects. Like seeing an old friend.The Bowery Boys Podcast

Desert Island Discs. A ‘castaway’ picks 8 songs they would take with them to desert Island. Many guests are well known celebrities, all share stories and how their selected songs impacted their life. It’s actually a radio show that has been on air since 1942. Going back into the archives is hugely entertaining. I’m always adding songs, some new, some forgotten, to my playlists. Tom Hanks remains my favorite.More or Less PodcastDesert Island Disc Podcast


  1. Thanks for sharing the interesting shortlist of your favourite podcasts…there are so many out there to navigate. I look forward to listening in!

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