killing it in the kitchen

my scallop. before the skirting was removed!Who knew hanging in a Michelin kitchen could be so much pleasure. No drudgery here. This was all fun!  Tasting. Giggling. And a smidge of learning. Pied a Terre’s Kitchen Experience turned out to be the most incredible London adventure.getting a lesson

At 9 am sharp, I was opening my first scallop. Pretty gooey. This was seriously hands on. And a great way to discover just how precisely a professional kitchen is run.  Nothing goes to waste. Everyone has their station and expertise. And it is surprisingly calm. Well-oiled machine is the cliché that springs to mind.

On my morning, I was one of four fellow explorers (the maximum is five). Strangers when we began, we were friends by the end. We all cringed when the lobster went into the pot but had no trouble enjoying him later after seeing him quickly shelled, cleaned and plated with cannoli, flamed corn and a saffron cayenne mayonnaise. We kneaded sour dough to be turned into bread the next day… it has to sit overnight. Continue reading