wearing a mask...a lot

travelling internationally…here’s what it’s like (part two)

Seven nights, six cabs, four hotels and three trains. Here's what i discovered. Cabs: The biggest issue with cabs in Switzerland is how expensive they are. Granted you often get a Mercedes and they are spotless but still… when I…

seat spacing, Frankfurt airport

travelling internationally…here’s what it’s like (part one)

Clients have been asking… should they travel? Would I travel? And if so where. ?  Well, I can’t expect others to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Europe was my answer. And yes I would. Yes I will. And so…

air canada is flying to europe

this is what it’s like to fly internationally today

What is it like to fly these days? Internationally. No personal experience… but the next best thing. My son just returned to the UK ; I did pay for the ticket. Saturday night Hunter flew from Toronto’s Pearson Airport to…

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