wine at Noize

mathieu germond…one great sommelier

Mathieu Germond is one of the world’s great sommeliers though it is likely that you have never heard of him. He doesn’t have a column in the FT, write books or appear on reality tv shows. But finding the perfect…

the last box before the bottle of port

the wonderful world of vintage port

The most beautiful bottle I’ve never heard of arrived in the most beautiful box. A Christmas gift.  (Thank you John). A Tappit Hen.  Any idea? I had none. But I do know what’s inside it! Vintage Port. 1977. Yum! Tappit…

the wine i tasted

le vin jaune

When you spend 30 years of your life with a wine guy you learn a thing or two…. whether you want to or not. Red, white, champagne, rose. Got it! But Vin Jaune? Yellow wine? This I had to see.…

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