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ten travel highlights of the last ten years

Top ten travel experience of the last ten years… no problem…this will be easy. I could not have been more wrong. Turns out this was one hell of a decade…narrowing it down incredibly challenging. After all, I went to the…

Toronto: the view from the Bisha

toronto tips…from my column in iconic concierge magazine

Ah! Toronto…. Where Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run,  over 180 languages are spoken and 25% of Hollywood movies are made.  Named the most multi-cultural city in the world by BBC  radio there are  more than 8000 restaurants…

a welcome treat from Orania.Berlin

best bed: Orania.Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Nestled in the heart of Berlin’s hip and trendy neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Orania.Berlin is the perfect luxury-with-an-edge boutique Hotel. It is one of those rare places you cannot believe you have found and never want to leave. The building dates…

wonderful treats ate the peninsula paris

best bed: The Peninsula, Paris , France

My big question as I booked the Peninsula Paris was could it possibly live up to the amazing memories I have of the first Peninsula located in Hong Kong. I am delighted to report yes yes yes!!!! This is the…

lights show where the wall once divided berlin

when the wall came tumbling down

I am in Berlin to party!  Not in night clubs but in the streets… 30 years ago the wall came tumbling down. “This November 9 is a historic day” announced anchorman Hanns Joachim Friedrich. “The GDR has announced that, starting…

wine at Noize

mathieu germond…one great sommelier

Mathieu Germond is one of the world’s great sommeliers though it is likely that you have never heard of him. He doesn’t have a column in the FT, write books or appear on reality tv shows. But finding the perfect…

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