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ah berlin….. 6 things to do

Ah Berlin…  where the party goes  for 24 hours, there are more canals than in Venice or Amsterdam and  museums (180) out number rainy days (106). 70 million curried sausages  are eaten each year. Bits of the infamous Wall sit…

The London Edition

best bed: The London Edition, London, UK

Historic, old world with decadent details and  a modern twist…The London Edition is a whole new way to hotel. Ian Schreger,  of Studio 54 fame had an idea. “The design is anti-design. It’s an effort to make people feel good…

sagrada familia

5 things to do in barcelona

Las Rambas… totally touristy but if this is your first trip to Barcelona it is a must. It’s almost a mile long, pedestrian street that is actually 5 old short streets. Originally it was a sewage stream but quickly became…

the bar at Regent Berin

best bed: Regent Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The unimpressive exterior  belies the old world opulence within.  Regent Berlin feels like it has been a part of Berlin’s  history since the glory days of the German Empire. Yet, this former Four Season went through a massive renovation only …


ten travel highlights of the last ten years

Top ten travel experience of the last ten years… no problem…this will be easy. I could not have been more wrong. Turns out this was one hell of a decade…narrowing it down incredibly challenging. After all, I went to the…

Toronto: the view from the Bisha

toronto tips…from my column in iconic concierge magazine

Ah! Toronto…. Where Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run,  over 180 languages are spoken and 25% of Hollywood movies are made.  Named the most multi-cultural city in the world by BBC  radio there are  more than 8000 restaurants…

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