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La Locanda di Bagnara

best bed: La Locanda di Bagnara, Bagnara di Romagna,  Italy

La Locanda is a historic gem in a tiny medieval town, definitely off the beaten track. Yet situated at the crossroads of a magic, underappreciated  area of Italy that encompasses Bologna, Ravenna, Faenza and Imola. This cluster of buildings began…


Rome: 6 things to do

Ah Rome… the Eternal City, The City of God, Love & Seven Hills. Where all roads lead. And the home of La Dolce Vita. Where the rights of cats are enshrined in law, flamingo tongues were once a delicacy; there…

Villa Spalletti Trivelli

best bed: Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Rome, Italy

Finally! The chance to live like a noble. Villa Spalletti Trivelli was, until recently, the Villino Urbino of an aristocratic Italian family. A country house in the heart of the city. The last one left in private hands; many have…

raw seafood at SushiBar

my favorite things….Palermo

Decadent, decrepit and elegant, Palermo is the most conquered city in history, chock full of UNESCO heritage sites and a WOW. It is crowded, crumbling and loaded with beautiful people. This capital of modern Sicily also served as the capital…

Kempinski Palace Portoroz

best bed: Kempinski Palace Portoroz, Istria, Slovenia

The Palace Hotel was THE place on the Austrian Riviera… so called because the royal and rich, politicians and artists of the Hapsburg (Austrian-Hungarian era) Empire flocked to its shores. They came for the warm weather, spa-ing and to be…


10 must do’s in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country that packs huge punch… Everything you come to Europe for…history, food, castles, beach, wine and outdoor activities…in one easy to navigate nation. It only became a stand-alone country in 1991...before that it was part of…

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