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Icelandic Horses (photo by red charlie)

my list for 2022

In travel, planning can be half the fun. So, I’m picking 10 places I am planning to visit this year. Who knows if I’ll actually get to them all…some are more unlikely than others. But if you don’t dream… Here…

Hotel Vannucci

best bed: Hotel Vannucci, Citta della Pieve, Italy

The beautiful, boutique, Hotel Vannucci is a wonderful hideaway in the center of the stunning historic town of Citta della Pieve. Like the town, this charming hotel has a history…and it started with a scandal!  Vittorio Emanuele II was the…

White Desert, a unique Virtuoso hotel located in Halley, Antarctica

What is Virtuoso? Why should you care?

I now assume everyone knows all about Virtuoso. But the truth is I’d never heard about it until I became a travel advisor 3 years ago. And I have been obsessed with travel as long as I can remember. So…

The Bvlgari Milano

best bed: The Bvlgari Hotel Milano, Milan, Italy

Opulent, serene and a magnet for the fashionista crowd, the Bvlgari Milano was the company’s first venture into hotels back in 2004 (there are now 6 with a few more in the pipeline). And though it is a joint venture…

La Locanda di Bagnara

best bed: La Locanda di Bagnara, Bagnara di Romagna,  Italy

La Locanda is a historic gem in a tiny medieval town, definitely off the beaten track. Yet situated at the crossroads of a magic, underappreciated  area of Italy that encompasses Bologna, Ravenna, Faenza and Imola. This cluster of buildings began…


Rome: 6 things to do

Ah Rome… the Eternal City, The City of God, Love & Seven Hills. Where all roads lead. And the home of La Dolce Vita. Where the rights of cats are enshrined in law, flamingo tongues were once a delicacy; there…

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