A great pair: Tanya Heath Shoes, Julieabraod wine

Discover how one shoe can change your life…

Tanya Heath Heels...packing made easy

One shoe can change your life” -Cinderella

“I’m so excited! Tanya Heath, a manufacturer of exceptionally stylish yet functional shoes and a longstanding staple of my travel wardrobe, has asked me to serve as a brand ambassador.  After turning down several opportunities over the years I finally found a product that I truly adore and, as fate would have it, it seems to think rather well of me too.  Whoo-hoo!

This is no gimmick.  They are fabulously designed, skillfully engineered and artfully crafted in small independent ateliers in Portugal and France.  The leathers and fabrics are carefully sourced across Europe and each design offers impeccable quality and appearance. See for yourself at www.tanyaheathus.com

Tanya Heath's & Champagne...The fun of being a brand ambassador is sharing this opportunity with you.  All new online customers receive 20% off their first purchase and a bonus complimentary pair of heels when you apply the julieabroad discount code.  I suggest choosing black for versatility and ease of packing but, if that’s too basic, ask for your color preference.  Need assistance? Contact Sally – she’s a wizard at finding the perfect size based on other shoes you have.

While you should note that I will receive a modest commission for purchases made using my discount code, I truly hope you will discover and enjoy Tanya Heath’s wonderful shoes as I have. They are this traveler’s prized companion!


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